“I don’t like the shape and the color of my two front teeth”, said the young lady
–Two existing crowns replaced with new full zirconia crowns–

Bright, new, white smile for 66 years old lady

Young lady with new bright & healthy smile New confident, bright and healthy smile
restored with zirconia fused to porcelain crown. (9 upper teeth restored) Smile makeover!

Before and After 4 Porcelain Crowns

4 front teeth restored with zirconia crowns and overlapped decay teeth corrected

Full mouth restoration with complete upper and lower dentures

2 new crowns restored front upper right

Implant plus new crown No tooth vs. New crown supported by single implant

3 new crowns on lower anterior Replaced decayed and broken teeth on the bottom with porcelain fused to zirconia crowns

Upper Valplast denture with no metal clasps


Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign Before and After

Before and After Invisalign Treatment


16 year old girl lost 3 front teeth due to a sport injury replaced few teeth with temporary partial denture until permanent bridge or implants

Patient broke her front tooth Broken tooth replaced with Zirconia fused to Porcelain Crown

Two old gold crown replaced with new zirconia porcelain crowns on lower front teeth

Full upper denture and full lower denture supported with 2 implants

New immediate upper partial denture with no metal clasp

Missing tooth replace with 3 unit bridge Before and after

Chipped front tooth restored with composite filling material. (20min. procedure without anesthetics and without pain)

3 unit full zirconia bridge Before and After

6 anterior single zirconia crowns Before and After

4 anterior teeth restored with full zirconia (non metal) crowns Before and After

Dental Implant Restorations

Before and After Pics